Sunday, June 16, 2019

"Time of your life"
out now, the last Gemini & Flowers mystery.

Ego quoque in tempore vitae meae

It is three years since we last visited Rilton Castle and “times they are a changing”. Lady Greta Hollander has died and Mike Ash has become the seventeenth Duke of Bloxworth. He and Tom are moving to Hollander Hall, leaving the village in the safe hands of Finn and Fade, now a happy couple. Patrick is going to join the police and is starting work as a trainee Special Constable with Regina Muga’s team before going to Hendon Police College.

However, this is Rilton Castle after all, so things are never simple or peaceful for long. James Stonely has bought the perfect gift for his wife’s sixty-fifth birthday. Robots have arrived at Ash Farm. Ian Fish has tried to retire and is awaiting a new, sober, replacement. Lucy Barton has a new Chinese client and Ronny Hudd is still collecting strange objects, whilst managing his rock star son, Daria. Things have been quiet for three years but, as the Ash family prepares to move, tragedy occurs.

A teenage girl goes missing. A gang of thieves is targeting farm machinery. A prisoner escapes in the north of England, intent on bringing hell and revenge upon Mike and his family. Regina Muga returns to Rilton to find two killers and to try and save the lives of the people she has come to love over the years. Whatever else happens in this story, you’ll have the Time of Your Life.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Street Life out now!!!!

Street Life – The 9thGemini & Flowers Mystery

Patrick Ash looked at the man who was going to kill him and went inside…

A sadistic killer is on the loose in Bournemouth, preying on young homeless lads. Superintendent Regina Muga is brought in, as the existing team have got nowhere in their investigation. At the same time, Tom Flowers and James Stonely are asked to try and find a boy who disappeared twenty years earlier, and find him before his father dies of cancer. As Stonely wants to retire again, this will be his last case.
Just back from a Swedish Christmas, the Ash family find themselves up to their necks in chaos. There is a health crisis; a school shooting and a concert to organise. And Sally Bowles discovers Chris Jones has scored off the football field and the Reverend Ian Fish decides it is time to hang up his cassock…but not before his first gay wedding.
Life goes on in its usual chaotic way in Rilton Castle as time and murder take their toll.  As the body count rises, the clock is running out on both cases, and the police and Gemini and Flowers desperately try to solve both mysteries before anyone else dies…

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Took a break from writing Street Life to finish the Tall Timber Trilogy! Here it is, the last book in the series. Hal and Sam finally get married!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

QX article

Great article in Sweden's gay magazine, QX, talking about the series. So glad they have finally written about them!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Several of the characters in the series own dogs. Here's the latest arrival at Ash Manor. His name is Scudder, named after the gay groundsman in Maurice.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Blowin' in the wind!

The back cover...London drug lords drag local kids into dealing...arsonist sets fire to holiday cottages...there's something nasty in the wind in Dorset!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The first eight books...

The full series so far...eight books, eight stories of love, drama, murder and private detection...